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But he needs to accommodate your desire for some slow, sappy sex now and then. I am a woman in a relationship with a woman. But I cannot get them out of my head.

They are directly in my life.

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I dream about him, think about him. I try not to. I talk about my girlfriend and how much I love her in front of him.

But inside I know the truth. So my question: What would Dan do? B-Vibe suggests gently pressing your fingertip along the inner wall of the anus, to apply pressure to those feel-good nerves.

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Or, you can put your finger in up to the base and then gently massage around your partner's rectum. B-Vibe has several other suggestionsbut the point is to go slowly and gently at first. Eventually, you and your partner will be able to explore more assuming you're both into anal fingering. Happy adventuring!


Hot tub sex is the stuff of fantasies… but that fantasy always ends before you wake up with a UTI. While the myth that you can catch an STI from dirty ho. In the past 50 years, technology went from being a new frontier, equal parts exciting and mysterious, to a totally normal facet of our everyday lives; now. Just me? And stimulating them with your fingers can often provide incredible sensations.

Don't ever surprise them with anal fingering, even if you know they enjoy it! This could make them tighten up. If your partner says yes, you still want to take it nice and slow.

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Contrary to what you may have seen in porn, you don't want to just stick your finger in. There are plenty of pleasurable and more effective ways keep reading to do it. Now the first thing you need to know is that unlike vaginas, the butt doesn't self-lubricate. It needs help getting wet.

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Try something as simple as coconut oil. A high-viscosity, silicone-based lube works equally as well.

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Get some lubricant on your finger, all the way down to the base before you begin to penetrate. Keep your bottle of lube nearby for when you need some more. Do it with them to encourage them. You're all set. If you're concerned about hygiene, we recommend that you read our complete guide on how to prep for anal first.

Because anal fingering is all about pleasure, make sure your fingernails are nice and short. File any sharp edges that could cause tears in the anus.

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