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My favorite moment of the film is grizzly Treadwell goes off on the park service — and suddenly you see the raging Long Island boy he really is — no more whispery gentle PHONY voice — but his truth, coming out. I need more coffee…. His narcissism is absolutely astounding to man. The fact that he projected all of his own failings on the entire human race, blamed everybody but himself and the bears for his problems — the blatant mental illness is fascinating to disect.

I rule this place, not you. The hostility was epic, especially when you consider that the park service was only trying to fuck in the best interest of the bears he claimed wife love so deeply. My wife and I had gone to visit friends in North Carolina a couple of months ago — they have four kids, so there are kiddie movies on whenever you like.

Timothy Treadwell.

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It completely freaked me out. The Sheila Variations. Skip to content.

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June 14, at pm. How many times did we see this?

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Three times? Ann Marie says:. Dave E. That certainly would barely hold my interest through one viewing, let alone four or five.

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June 15, at am. Like DH Lawrence wrote — I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough without ever having felt sorry for itself. Emily says:. Emily — yes! That guy was amazing!! Brother Bear was released two years before Grizzly Man. June 15, at pm. After he slammed the door he said she turned and sped off with her cubs. Nevertheless, though, Michalchuk has a story and a video for the ages.

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Fuck guy went and lived nude girls in iowa bears and got eaten. He moved to the Alskan Wilderness and tried to become freinds with bears and foxes. He talks to grizzly and he even pets grizzly bears. He is so fucking dumb. Feb 4 PM. His girlfriend also got eaten with him.

Didn't he do it for 11 years? I man he was from California. I want to hear the audio. He died doing what he loved. I know he died doing what he loved but the reasons he died were because he thought that he could be friend grizzly bears, it worked a couple of time but it was almost a sure thing that he would die. After you watch it you'll realize, is life really that bad?.

Would have loved wife hear the bear-attack audio. I found it to be a pretty touching account of a man who seemingly didn't feel as if belonged in the human realm.

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He did seem to be slighty "crazy," and naive about the bears behaveior. However the bear that killed him did so while he was in his tent, and he became a victim of the small percentage of the people that are attacked without due cause, just one of those things you take a chance of when camping in Alaska.

And a lot of people do it every year. But he felt it was his purpose in life, which many people loose site of in their day-to-day cubicle jobs. And he spent many years of his life in one of the most beautiful places on earth, helping other species exsist.

Warning: Some of you, especially city folk, will find this video disturbing.

Seems noble enough to me. Feb 5 AM. Very interesting documentary, And those idiot photographers thowing rocks at Quinsy, They show a huge lack of intelligence. He had a lota guts getting so close to adult bears. Or maybe he got killed by the bear because that's what bears do?