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And I realize that they might not be practical enough. I mean, really, who has the time to fit another exercise into their daily routine??? Which is why I decided to share with you something you can do while having sex.

The thing that we need to understand is, that our mind is used to constantly being busy. And when I say stupidly so, I mean things like: scheduling a sex date with your partner and making sure you have nothing that needs to be done for that time. Only it does! And all of a sudden you find yourself thinking about the to-do list anyway. Or the to-do list for tomorrow. What gives? If you ever tried to meditate, you might have noticed it already.

And the truth is, trying to control our mind is not too smart either. At least for most of us. Have you ever tried that exercise, not thinking about pink elephants?


The mind is used for thinking. So unless have are enlightened, or close to it — which means your mind is used only when you want it to — then expecting your mind to stop thinking is not going to work. Your mind just does its job! So we simply let it. But when we are trying to enjoy ourselves in an act that is supposed to be amazingly wonderful e. Oh boy. Now we get frustrated. We now have two problems at hand:. One — the problem of our mind not shutting down when we want it to.

Two — the problem of us being frustrated at our mind not shutting down when we want it to. I can tell you to not be frustrated with lets mind until the cows come home. Will that help? Think of your mind like a little puppy. And you are holding it with a lead.

When your puppy-mind runs everywhere, jumps, licks, and sniffs, you let it. But when it runs a little too mariah carey the fappening your lead jerks and you notice it. sex

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And you lovingly pull it closer to you. Notice it needs to be done lovingly. You love your puppy for what it is: jovial, exploring, curious… And still, by pulling it a bit closer, slowly and gradually your puppy trains and learns not to run that far. And guess what?

It will still run too far sometimes — even a grown-up dog can get too excited when it sees a cat it can chase — but it happens less and less. Then go back to focusing on anything that you can sense at that very moment.

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Some people use their breath. Others use sensations in their body. It can be smells, sounds, visuals or touch. Whatever is easier for you to focus on at that particular moment. Your puppy-mind might go venturing again in a split of a second. And your job is to lovingly bring it back again whenever you notice it strayed too far away. Like any other skill in life, it comes easier to some people, while others find it quite challenging.

On the verge of being impossible, really. And like any other skill in life, practice improves things for everyone, regardless of the starting point.

There’s a difference between stopping your mind and not letting it run the show.

This is mindful meditation in a nutshell. Sometimes our mind completely takes over. I remember when I was at this amazing resort with a boyfriend. We went for a week-long holiday and the sex was so wonderful. Girl titfuck it kept nagging me when we had sex that evening. There are a million and one reasons why your girlfriend might be finding it difficult to relax during sex.

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However, if she is very sensitive, there is a risk that she will interpret what you are saying as a criticism, so a conversation about it needs to be broached with great sensitivity. You need to let her know gently that you can feel her discomfort and reassure her that your sole motivation is to help, not have humiliate.

Whatever the sex, one lets the best ways to help your girlfriend to feel more relaxed about sex may be to stop having it for a while. Sensate focus is not useful for couples who are having relationship problems, or who are dealing with sexual dysfunction, but it can be a very enriching exercise for couples who want to become more sexually connected. The idea is to create an environment where you and your girlfriend can learn how to receive and give pleasure to each other.

The central tenet is non-sexual touching and, in the initial phase, all other contact is restricted. Instead, you focus on selena gomez upskirt uncensored and experiencing sensation by taking turns exploring each other bodies.

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Because this is non-sexual, it is non-threatening and your girlfriend should be able to respond by telling you what tickles, what scratches and what feels really, really good. It is important to separate this experience from sex because the more relaxed she feels with touching liana liberato naked being touched in this phase, the more likely she is to remain relaxed when you escalate to genital touching in phase two.

Although the entire exercise is focused on helping her to relax, phase two offers you the opportunity to explore sexual responses. When you progress to genital touching, you will be able to see how, with stimulation, her body changes as she becomes aroused.

My girlfriend can't relax and let go during sex

The skin on her chest and torso will become flushed — stimulating her nipples will magnify these sensations. When your girlfriend is comfortable with phase two, you can move on to penetrative sex, but let her dictate the pace and always include non-genital and genital touching beforehand. Although sensate focus can sound like a rather prescriptive remedy, it will give your girlfriend the opportunity to unravel negative sexual associations so that she can begin to associate sex with fun, not fear.

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