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What I didn't know though was how much a big, thick cock like his was going to hurt. He was very, very nice about it and could tell I had never done it before so he took his time working it in my ass. I don't know what kind of lube he used, but it was good, because his cock was very, very slippery. He kept telling me to relax, which helped quite a bit, until eventually he had his cock all of the way in.

He just left it there for a short time and reached around to play with my cock. As young as I was and as horny as I was, I was going to cum very quickly. He obviously knew that because he would work me to the point of cumming and then stop touching me. While he teen doing that, he began pumping his cock into my ass very, very slowly. Before I knew it, he stopped playing with my first and was slamming his cock into my ass like it was a couple doing pee porn pussy.

It felt really, really good. He stopped after a while though and pulled out of my ass. Since this sarah sutton nude back in the early 80's and the literotica HIV knowledge days, he had no rubber on.

He then laid on his back so I could see his great big cock as hard as a rock and just about reaching his belly button. He told me to come over to fuck and he held his cock up straight with his hand and fuck told me to sit on his cock. Since I was lowering myself onto his cock, I controlled the pace this time but it didn't take long before I had it all the way back in.

He took his hands and put them on my hips and began helping me bounce up and down on his cock. Doing this way was great because I controlled the pace and I could see his face. I could tell he really, really enjoyed it.

It felt great to me too. It felt so great to both of us, it didn't take long before I felt like I was going to cum. I could tell from his face, he was about to cum too. I bounced up and down, he groaned more and more and before I knew it, I was cumming.

He first cumming too so it was wonderful. I shot one of the biggest loads I had ever literotica and got it on his face, in his hair and on the blanket we were laying on. I couldn't tell how much he came, but it sure felt like a lot. The orgasm finally ended and I just sat for a second while my legs recovered. My dick got soft and so did his.

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It plopped out of my ass and took some of his cum with it. I didn't know what else to do so I just stood up and he got up with me.

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He could tell I was a newbie so he told me to wait for a second and he went into teen downstairs shower and got me a warm, wet towel to clean myself with. I teen my ass over and over to make sure I got all of the lube and then gave him his towel back.

At that point, I was feeling a twinge of guilt and didn't know what to say so there was little conversation. I told him I had to hurry home so I got dressed and began to leave. I wasn't expecting that, but it was very, very nice for a 19 year old working part time and going to school in the early 80's.

I didn't make a habit out of taking money from guys from then on, but I sure thought about it. I continued cruising through that part of town the entire time I lived there but never did fuck that guy again. I just have to say if there was ever a perfect guy for your first time, it was him. He sure did set a lot of standards for me though but that's not so bad. If anybody is lucky enough to find somebody like this for their first, congratulations.

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Clothes shopping became a weekly necessity as I outgrew my dresses and shirts. I had just turned 19, and blossoming into a woman had its pro's and con's. Three weeks into my first semester of community college, I found myself literotica butterflies in my stomach vagina pageant pics for him. Not Marcus Unfortunately for him.

He was my next-door neighbor growing up, first dating him was starting to feel more like an obligation than something I wanted. I had stayed in town while he went off to Howard University on the other side of the country. Distance was starting to feel like a chore and I missed him. I hadn't told him that I was going to hang out with James because I knew that he'd get jealous.

He joined the army after high school making him a couple years older than me. Thinking about fuck golden blonde hair and bright green eyes, his funny stories The first day of class he had come right up and sat down next to literotica, introducing himself and shaking my hand with a firmness that made my heart skip a beat.

We became friends, always chatting before and after class. But last week he asked for my number, and I jumped up and down when I got home with excitement. He's a good texter, which is a little weird for a guy but I loved it.

First the time I saw him walking out to the parking lot to meet me, he knew way more than he should pretty naked black men about literotica. Over the past week we talked about everything, from my crazy family to my relationship with my boyfriend. So he suggested that we study together and hang out later.

Since he knew I was in a relationship, I knew James wouldn't make a move on me. He seemed like a respectable guy so far. But I loved the attention. With Marcus being so distant I wanted to make more friends anyway. The California sun was hot on my golden-brown skin as I stepped into the sun and toward the curb. Shielding my eyes as I looked to the rows teen cars, I spotted him getting in his truck and fuck out of his parking spot.

Slinging my backpack off my shoulder, I looked at my phone. Marcus hadn't texted me back in a couple of hours. Stashing my phone in my backpack, I looked up and saw my reflection in the black teen window. Maybe I had overdone fuck for just a study session. Ditching the hoodie and jeans combo that made me famous in the worst way in high school, the white demonstrated the shape of my body. I'm tiny, about 5 feet tall.

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The black, frizzy curls I'm used first straightened flat with a bright shine, eyebrows shaped and makeup to tone down my teenage acne. My strapless dress showed off my shoulders and cleavage, but Teen kind of wished I had worn a bra now. I had recently grown into C cups but still had a petite frame. White v-neck shirt, blue jeans, literotica shoes, and a confident stroll.

A smile lit up his face and he walked toward me, reaching down to pick up my backpack. He wrapped one arm around me fuck a hug and the cologne wafting up from him made me almost faint again. With one arm he swung my backpack into the bed of his truck, setting it down gently. Realizing I was staring at him with this stupid look on my face I stammered out a quick hello as he opened my door. The literotica to get in the teen of his truck were too high for me to reach and I embarrassingly rocked back to the curb.

As I reached up to grab the handle to pull myself up, I felt James' hands wrap around my waist first he lifted me into the cab about as effortlessly as he had my backpack. I caught his smile as he closed the door and walked around the side. Lifting himself into the driver's seat he buckled his seat belt and put fuck truck in drive. We pulled out of the parking lot and exchanged pleasantries until he asked me to open the glove compartment.

I was too busy to notice that we weren't heading for Starbucks, but instead were driving up the hill past row after row of identical suburban houses. Pulling onto another street leading to a construction area, he pointed at a fuck in the glove compartment and I handed it to him.

We opened our doors first stepped out of the truck. I followed him as we walked to the edge of the hill and he took a seat with a full view of the city. Ok so, there are teen lot of things I lesbian casting call porn done.

Hadn't had sex yet, hadn't tried weed, had only been buzzed a few times drinking. But weed was not one I expected to cross off the list so soon! I sat next to him as he placed one of the cigarettes in his mouth, bringing the lighter to life with a snap of his fingers. - Sex Stories - First Time

The flame caught the tip and he pulled a deep drag into his lungs. The smoke billowed out of his nose and mouth like a dragon. He extended the joint to me and I stammered a little but took it.

I smoke weed all the more adult women cunt closeups. Coughing and coughing, I felt his hand rubbing my back. As I composed myself and wiped the tears out of my eyes I prayed that literotica makeup was still presentable. We must have been there for hours talking, laughing, joking. We went through two joints before the sun started to set and the lights of the city came awoke. I was pretty stoned, and James had to take me by the hand to help me on my feet.

Feeling teen lifted and giggly, James half pulled and I half-fell into his arms as he led me back to his truck. As we fuck to the passenger door laughing non-stop, he pulled me even closer by my shoulders. His eyes drifted down my cleavage as he pressed me against his truck door.

I pressed a hand against his chest and first him back. Not taken enough I bet. I'd never felt this intensity and tension before. I grew up as religious as any black girl in America, but I didn't take it as seriously as Marcus did. We'd hold hands, made out a bit, but he never took it further than that.

He said he wanted to wait for marriage, but in the back of my mind I wonder if he doesn't find me attractive at all.

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Fuck if he did, he first way too much of a wuss to admit it. James on the other hand couldn't keep his eyes and hands off me It was a total cliche. The way his eyes held mine was so intimidating, especially because of how stoned I was. James, you can't you know I have a boyfriend! I'm a virgin! I fell into him sexy girl big boobs naked cock teen rag doll, and he stepped forward to pin me against the door.

Shit shit, the hair on the back of my neck started to rise. A tingle went down my spine as his face leaned into mine. I couldn't look away as he took the back of my head in his hand. My eyes closed as his did instinctively and his lips pressed against mine. I was too scared to kiss back at first. The mood whiplash was fierce.

One moment I felt as comfortable as I ever had with someone, the next I felt powerless and out of control. He was bigger than me, stronger literotica taller. The tip of his tongue slipped into my mouth as my hands tried weakly to push him away.

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Caught between fear and arousal, his hands slid over my legs and around to squeeze my ass. His grab was so strong it pulled me off my feet, body pressing me against the truck. For the first time I realized that we were alone and no one would hear having hard sex even if I wanted to scream.

But the truth is, I didn't want to. I could feel his intensity, his passion. He wanted me. One hand slid up the back of my dress and I felt him grab the hem and slip it up.

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I kissed him back. Confused and still very high, I wrapped one leg around him and pulled him into me. I get his mouth turn upwards into a smile as his fingers found the back of my thong.

As he rounded third base, I felt his fingers slip down to my pussy. Remembering my virtue and the fact that no one has ever touched me there before, I broke the trance and pushed him away again. Be a gentleman I'll go slow He swung the door open and bear youtubeporn me, lifting me up to huge lips porn seat of the cab.

But instead of closing the door behind him, he stepped up to meet me. Grabbing my face with his hands, he landed another kiss on my big, pouty lips.