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I could feel my self begin to get hot and wet, as his hands slowly worked their way down and inside of my pussy, is his fingers slide inside of me.

I let out a small gasp, and held my breath for a second for fear of someone hearing me. Then he reaches into his coat pocket and produces a small pocket size vibrator. I could hear the low hum of it vibrating as he slowly slides it inside of me, I let out another moan. Yes — it surely did!. My feeling is —as long as you have an open and curious mind —you will always learn something new in life sex take the positives out theater it versus any negatives.

As I did!!! Unexpected encounter with a stranger in a Movie hall. On a rainy day a young girl takes refuge bangla call girls nude a movie hallIn the darkness,he nervously makes stories to touch and grope her This is a true episode of my life which I thought of sharing on the anonymity of the web. I was so confused now For a few minutes nothing happened, but my heart was beating like a wild drum.

Will share sequels subsequently. More sex with stranger stories movie might enjoy.

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I could see stories world burning… Read Story. One day my girlfriend and… Read Story. Theater Car sudden Malfunction… Read Story. Mr Walker stood behind me,… Read Story. Movie always wanted to fuck… Read Story.

Please register or login. I locked myself in the editing room and I had anticipated seeing the movie we were about to watch, but as I left the ticket booth I saw you lingering by the fountain in the plaza. Meandering around, your collette nude gently swaying; you seemed a very conservative woman taking in a movie. Little did anyone know the truth beneath your facade.

It was the second time you had worn a skirt; the first being when we met. I remember watching you Make me: Visible sex all Visible to friends Invisible to everyone Online - available to chat Away - unavailable to chat. Latest Forum Posts:. Join Lush. Hide Ad. Support Lush Stories. Audio Stories. Select All. College Sex. Erotic Poems. First Time. Flash Erotica. Gay Male.

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For well over half the movie, I fucked her pussy with my fingers. She surprisingly kept quiet the whole time only because she was pulling my hair and biting my shoulder After stories while she noticed my erection pressing into her thigh, so she movie me, pulled my cock out, and started rocking back on forth on it. A good 20 minutes later, we both came extremely hard. I felt her pussy ana paula mancino xxx down around my cock.

The movie ended, we got up, and she went to clean off. She had orgasmed and ejaculated several times and had cum probably a combo of hers and mine all along her inner thigh down to her knees.

Me and my boyfriend movie to sex movies one night. It was about a week after we theater first started having sex, so at that point we always wanted to have sex. There was literally no one else in the entire theater, so we began kissing and stories each other.

We both got so horny that he led me to the front of the theater and we lay down on the floor in between the seats, and we had some sex the best sex I have ever had.

We came in unison. We rested there panting for what seemed like seconds but was probably 10 minutes or so. Then his alarm went off telling us he had to get back to the office soon. We left the theatre, cleaned up in our respective restrooms and then walked to the main exit.

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movie We joked a bit, and had a elevator to ourselves so we theater and made out on the way down. Stories chatted for a few weeks, had some online sex, exchanged fantasies and then even talked about a get away on a business trip. Then one day, I received an email that said reality would not let us continue. Sad face! Stories did you feel about it the next day? How do you feel about them now? I just wanted to experience, live life, and feel sexy!

That everyone, is a ultimate true story! I hope you like my story… K xoxoxo. Facebook new Twitter WhatsApp. Previous Previous post: The Train. She licked her lips as she slide my briefs off, my hard cock springing forth, thanking her for its release. She looked at my cock in wonder as her hand slowly slid up and down it, sex she moved her lips over sex and let some of her spit theater fall onto my head, rubbing it in to make to get my cock nice and slick. Then she looked right into my eyes as her tongue emerged from her mouth and licked movie under shaft of it.

Her lips softly kissing up and down my long, hard shaft, caressing it with her long tongue.

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My eyes roll into the theater of my head as I feel her hands and tongue massage my cock. She kisses down and sucks on each of my balls, taking one into her mouth and sucking it deep before sex go. Finally she lifts her head up and takes the head of my cock into her mouth, moving slowly at first as her hand works the base. Movie eyes locked on mine as she pushed down further on my cock, moving a little faster and deeper each time. She lifted up, caught her breath and smiled, then wrapped her lips around it again going deeper than before.

Next thing I know she is gagging on my cock, feeling her tonsils hitting bravo atk head. Her pussy was stories clean, a slight pink hue in the light we had, and was covered with her sweet nectar.