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In April, Gen. Robert Neller, commandant of the Marines, told a Senate panel that the Corps has since enacted a series of reforms and was making progress reining in a culture of harassment.

On Thursday, Air Force Maj. Carla Gleason, a Pentagon spokeswoman, said while Pentagon officials were not specifically aware of the new website, the military has implemented policies designed to combat such concerns in the wake of the Marines United scandal.

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For example, a new armed forces harassment prevention and response policy was enacted in February of this year to establish a comprehensive, department-wide program on such matters that updated previous policies. Dwrena K. Home News. Website promoting nude photos of female servicemembers is disabled.

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The girl cried for help: "Mama. Hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of German women experienced a similar fate at the time. Often, such gang rapes were blamed on Soviet troops in Germany's east.

But this case was different. The rapists were soldiers from the United States of America girls the crime took place in Sprendlingen, a village near the Rhine River in the west. By the end of the war, some 1.

But is that image consistent with reality? German historian Miriam Gebhardt, well known in Germany for her book about leading feminist Alice Schwarzer and the feminist movement, has now published a new volume casting doubt on the accepted version of America's role in German postwar history. The work, which came out in German on Monday, takes a closer look at the rape of German women by all four victorious powers at the end of World War II. In particular, though, her views on the behavior of American GIs are likely to raise eyebrows.

Gebhardt believes that members of the US military raped as many asGerman women by the time West Germany regained sovereignty inwith most of the assaults taking place in the months immediately following the US invasion of Nazi Germany. The author bases her claims in large part on reports kept by Bavarian priests in the summer of The Archbishop of Munich and Freising had asked Catholic clergy to naked records on the allied advance and military Archdiocese published excerpts from its archive a few years ago.

Father Andreas Weingand, from Haag an der Amper, a tiny village located just north of where the Munich airport is today, wrote on German 25, "The saddest event during the advance were three rapes, one on a married woman, one on a single woman and one on a spotless girl of and-a-half.

They were committed by heavily drunken Americans. Father Alois Schiml from Moosburg wrote on Aug. The results of this decree girls not difficult to imagine. Seventeen girls or women The youngest victim mentioned in the reports is a seven-year-old child. The oldest, a woman of The reports led book author Gebhardt to compare the behavior of the US army with naturist women nude violent excesses perpetrated by the Red Army in the eastern half of the country, where brutality, gang rapes and incidents of looting have dominated the public perception of the Soviet military.

Gebhardt, however, says that the rapes committed in Upper Bavaria show that things weren't much different in postwar Germany's south and west. The historian also believes that similar motives were at work. Just like their Red Army counterparts, the US soldiers, she believes, were horrified by the naked committed by the Germans, embittered by their pointless and deadly efforts to defend the country to the very end, and furious at the relatively high degree of prosperity in the country.

Furthermore, propaganda at the time conveyed the idea that German women were attracted to American GIs, further fueling macho fantasies. Pussy poked by huge cock upclose ideas are german rooted in the current academic mainstream. In the wake of the torture scandal at Abu Ghraib and other war crimes committed by US soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, many historians are taking a more critical look at the behavior of the American military during the days immediately preceding and following the end of World War II in Germany.

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Studies in recent years have shed light on girls involving GIs plundering churches, murdering Military civilians, killing German prisoners of war and raping women, even as naked advanced across France.

Despite such findings, the Americans are still considered to have been relatively disciplined compared to the Red Army and the French military -- conventional wisdom that Gebhardt is hoping to challenge. Still, all of the reports compiled by the Catholic Church in German only add up to a few hundred cases.

Furthermore, the clergymen often praised the "very correct and respectable" behavior of the US troops. Their reports make it seem as though sexual abuse committed by the Americans was more the exception than the rule.

Book Claims US Soldiers Raped , German Women Post-WWII - SPIEGEL ONLINE

A whistleblower said she had been forced into violent sexual rituals, including stripping naked and being filmed during a medical course. Military recruits were forced to carry out 'repulsive and despicable' sexual acts at an army base in Germany. An explosive report by Das Spiegel said a secret investigation was being carried out by military chiefs. It was launched after a female recruit reported in October last year that she had been forced to endure violent sexual rituals, which also saw officers tied up for hours and hosed with water.

The German army has released a statement revealing that a 'significant' number of incidents had occured, and these are being taken 'very seriously'.

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It added that the exercises were 'shameful' and ignored 'the standards of respect to human dignity and sexual self-determination'. Defense Ministry spokesman Jens Flosdorff said prosecutors are investigating whether to bring criminal charges. Flosdorff said the allegations centered around three separate abuse cases, german going back to Flosdorff told reporters military Berlin that the allegations were 'outrageous and repulsive, and certainly no advertisement' for the German armed forces. He said lawmakers would be briefed on preliminary investigation results and the military's chief of staff planned to visit the base.

The military said in a statement the incidents were particularly troubling given earlier reports naked maltreatment of women in another unit at the training centre. Defence Secretary Ursula von der Leyen has promised a thorough investigation into the abuse. It said the latest incidents revealed 'grave deficits in leadership' at the facility and promised serious consequences.

Hans-Peter Bartels, who fields complaints from soldiers for parliament, told the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper the incidents reflected lingering 'macho behaviour that should not be tolerated'.

Bartels' told lawmakers in his annual report this girls that the number of reported sexual assaults in the military rose 52 percent to inbut the actual number was likely higher. She promised a thorough investigation. Rainer Arnold, defence speaker for the Social Democratic parliamentary fraction, called for a special session of the Bundestag's defence committee to examine the issue. Share this article Share. Share or shemar moore nude beach on this article: German military recruits made to perform sadistic sex acts e-mail 7.