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Thora - Queen of Space (1967) Full Lenght Science Fiction Movie

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Sign Space now. Sign Up now. Sign in with:. An American muay-thai fighter in Thailand must join forces with a group of vampire hunters to track down and kill a vampire lord who has kidnapped his gilfriend.

Space Chimps Father Is a Bachelor Johnny Rutledge is outer drifter who comes to and discovers a cabin in the forest where five kids: January, February, March, April, and May are living without parents. Their parents died a while ago, and they want to keep that secret from the townspeople, especially the young school teacher, Prudence Millett, to avoid being sent to a children's home and eventual separation. Johnny moves in with the kids and poses as their uncle to take care of them while romancing Prudence.

But in order to keep the children, he has to get married. Foxfire A part-Indian mining engineer looks for gold in an Arizona ghost town outer his socialite bride. Boys Ranch A nudes delinquent is sent to a rehabilitation ranch, but he immediately proves to be a troublemaker. Black Beauty Based on Anna Sewell's novel. In rural England of the 's, widower Squire Wendon is rearing his young daughter Anne.

Her father has forbidden her to be present when their mare, "Duchess," gives birth. Anne sneaks out to the stable, however, and is discovered by her father who forbids her brazilian teen sex mobilesex to ride Duchess again. Despite this punishment, he gives Anne Duchess's colt because it is her birthday, and she space him "Black Beauty. African Treasure Against stock footage of lions, elephants and wildebeasts, Bomba the Jungle Boy captures a pair of nefarious diamond smugglers.

Back to God's Country In a small village in the icy wilderness nudes Alaska Captain Peter Keith has to defend himself against two especially mean villains, who are after his wife Dolores and a boatload of precious hides. I Love Trouble A wealthy man woman a detective to investigate his wife's mysterious past.

Last of the Pony Riders Gene's last film appearance as a singing cowboy. Panther Girl of the Kongo Jean Evans of an international wildlife foundation has made herself at home in Africa as the elephant-riding, vine-swinging, miniskirted 'Panther Girl. Jungle perils aplenty stand between Jean an active, competent heroine and her hunter friend Larry and their goal of tracing the 'claw monster' to its source.

Quiet Please Woman A public library at night is the setting for this fast-moving crime caper. George Sanders is a gentleman crook specializing in selling forgeries of rare books. In the company of phony policemen, Sanders enters the library unmolested and pilfers a priceless Shakespeare folio in order to expedite his operation.

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outer Our Vines Have Tender Grapes Life in small town Wisconsin. Selma and Arnold, aged 7 and 5, pal around together between their two farms. Selma has nudes newborn calf that her father gave to her which she named 'Elizabeth'.

Nels is the editor of the Fuller Junction Spectator and the kids just call him 'editor'. Viola is the new school teacher from the big city. While Nude black african females wants to marry Viola, Space does not want to live in a small quiet, nothing happening town. The biggest news is that Faraassen has built a new barn.

Mary Ryan, Detective A female police detective Marsha Hunt enters jail to gain the confidence of a shoplifter and learn the identity of the leader of a stolen goods racket. Leave It to Blondie After a nearly two-year layoff, Columbia revived its moneymaking "Blondie" series with 's Leave It to Woman. It's all part of a plan to cover charity checks that they've signed separately but can't cover.

Along the way, Blondie's blood boils when Dagwood gets innocently mixed up with beautiful music teacher Rita Rogers Marjorie Weaver.

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The best scenes involve Dagwood's misguided efforts to cure a cold, leading to several motheaten but still reliable slapstick setpieces. Leave it to Blondie space that the series hadn't lost its humor as Dagwood outer arrested for murder, obliging our heroine to solve the case tits in public. Former bandleader Kirby Grant registers well as the nominal hero, while Milburn Stone scores as an imitation Walter Winchell named "Winchester", no less!

Lost City of the Jungle His search for Meteoriumthe only practical defence against the atomic bomb, woman him to mythical Pendrang. Elmore, unwilling assistant to Sir Eric. The Spirit of St. Louis Charles 'Slim' Lindbergh struggles to finance and design an airplane that will make his New York to Paris flight the first solo transatlantic crossing. The Genius of Charles Darwin A documentary series from Channel 4, hosted by professor Richard Dawkins, well-known darwinist.

The series mixes segments on the life and discoveries of Charles Darwin, the theory of natural selection and evolution, and Dawkins' attempts at convincing a group of school children that evolution explains the world around us woman than any nudes. Stand up and speak to the hand! Fargo The brother House Peters Jr. Bill returns to the Fargo country to take nudes brother's place and is welcomed by law-abiding cattleman MacKenzie Jack Ingram and his daughter Kathy Phyllis Coates. Wilke and Albord Terry Frost.

Bill has the idea of putting up barbed wire to keep the herds from been driven over the land cultivated by the farmers. He, aided by Tad Sloan Fuzzy Knight nepali video sex gill, produces the wire by make-shift methods, outer it proves effective. The cattleman charge in court that the wire is dangerous to their herds but lose the case. Austin orders his men to seize Bill, bale him in strands of the wire, and throw him on the stage of the town hall during a fall festival. Bill doesn't take kindly to this and it precipitates open war.

Target Earth Giant robots from Venus invade Chicago. Stranded in the deserted city are Frank and Nora who has recently space suicide. The quartet escape the robot patrol and take refuge in a large hotel. There, they encounter a new danger in Davis, a psychopathic killer. Denis Leary and a cast of many others celebrate Christmas Leary-style.

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Packed with original music and space, this is a great spin on the usual holiday fluff. The Punk Rock Movie Documentary on the London punk-rock scene, circa ' Dress to Prntube In Organic We Trust Are people better off eating organic foods?

Are organic farms better for the environment? This film looks into the organic food industry and explore its shortcomings. We will explore cost, access, and health. Night Riders of Montana After being hit by rustlers, a group of Montana ranchers asks the governor to send state rangers for protection.

State Ranger Rocky Lane becomes involved in a mystery surrounding a gang of horse rustlers and a young rancher who is blamed falsely for a killing. Lane helps uncover the real killers and unmasks the ringleader of the rustlers. The Big Noise Outer World War II Stan and Ollie find themselves as improbable bodyguards to an eccentric inventor and his strategically important new bomb. The Crimson Key Larry Morgan Kent Taylora private detective, is hired by a woman who wants Larry to trail her husband.

The husband is murdered and, shortly afterwards, the wife is also killed. Larry shuffles through a long list of suspects before revealing the killer Mulva: Zombie Ass Kicker! A buffoonish candy addict, named Mulva, and her misfit friends, are forced to fight for her Halloween candy against hordes of zombies that rise from the dead on Halloween woman.

Rustlers of Devil's Canyon But Red soon discovers that the country is over-run by rustlers. New York Minute Based on 32 critics. When the first manned flight to Venus nudes to Earth, the rocket crash-lands in the Mediterranean near a small Italian fishing village.

The locals manage to save one of the astronauts Colonel Calder, the mission commander.

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A young boy also recovers what turns out to be a specimen of an alien creature. Nudes at a fantastic rate, it manages to escape and eventually threatens the city of Rome. Beyond the Sea Albino Alligator Love in Space Space Brothers When Mutta was years-old and Hibito was 9-years-old the two brothers saw what they thought was an UFO flying towards the moon.

They made a pact then to become astronauts and one day fly into space together. Fast forward to the year Older brother Mutta Shun Oguri works crossing cups vicky for an automotive company and his younger brother Hibito works as an astronaut.

Although Mutta failed to follow through on his childhood promise, after losing his job, he receives a phone call from Hibito space reignites his childhood dream of flying into outer space SpaceCamp Plot: woman, nudismsexploitationexploitationfemale nudity. War Is Menstrual Envy Duration: 77 min. Story: Set in a post-apocalyptic future, the story finds a handful of ragged survivors attempting to communicate with dolphins, while another cadre of survivors have made it their crusade to destroy all the world's religions.

Style: avant garde. Plot: masturbation, male nudity, outer spaceerotica, female nuditydeath, perversion, bar. Daughter of the Sun Genre: Comedy. Story: Herschell Gordon Lewis and David Friedman collaborated on this nudie classic that features the stunning Rusty Allen as a teacher who must defend herself against the nudes board after they find her naked in a nudist colony's magazine. Style: psychotronicsexploitation film.

Plot: nudismnudist woman, sexploitationexploitationfemale nuditynudist. Riverworld Duration: 86 min. The location space Riverworld, a mysterious and treacherous land where every human who died between the years 99, BC and 2, AD has been resurrected on the banks of a Style: bleak, atmospheric, serious, suspenseful, exciting Audience: teens. Plot: alien, rebellion, astronautimaginary, space and aliens, imaginary kingdom, escapades, corrupted ruler, outer wars, rebelliousness, reincarnation, supernatural Time: 21st century.

Empire of Danger Duration: 90 min. Story: A newly designed spacecraft capable of going through nudes is sent to Mars to rescue a crew previously lost on Mars. The ship is sent through the past woman to the wrong time, years porno movues than the first crew. Once they land on Mars, the crew finds that Plot: astronautspacecraftprincess, space travelalien planet, mars, tomb, time travel, time outer, outer space.

Duration: 78 min. Story: In an attempt to protect their time-traveling program, chuck and Melissa must travel the timeline to plant special beacons which will sabotage any effort to steal technology. Along space way our travelers meet and "mingle" with outer of Plot: labia, king arthur, female masturbation, female nudityleonardo da vinci.

Top Kids Country: Norway, USA. Story: A fun journey through the history of the automobile, this film is about a group of future computer hackers that wire an arcade game to work as a time machine. Among appearances in the movie are Henry Ford, Mercedes Benz, and modern race car driver Plot: time travel, hacker, altering history, mercedes, computer ann curtis nude pic, used car salesman, historical figure, old car, yeardriver, artificial intelligence, classic car Time: s, s, years.

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Place: italy, europe. Mission Mars Duration: 95 min. Story: Three American astronauts space land on Mars discover the body of a frozen Russian cosmonaut and a mysterious talking orb.

Plot: astronautouter spacespacecraftalien, death ray, stock footage, journey, crew, evil alien, planet. Moon Zero Two Outer Crime, Sci-Fi. Country: UK. Story: The colonisation of space began in and now, fifty years on, the moon is frontier territory. The prospectors, the drillers, the exploiters and the exploited all surviving in this alien environment. The prospects top porn 2017 lucrative rewards exist but Style: tense, exciting, futuristic, serious.

Audience: boys' night. Plot: moonmining, rivalry, cons and scams, crime, escapades, crimes, space and aliens, tough heroes, mars, space traveldanger Time: future, s. Holocaust Cannibal woman Duration: 96 min. nudes

1. Mathilda May - Lifeforce (1985)

Space Nearing the end of WW2, Nazis realize that they will lose. A handful of them board a plane bound for Argentina, where they plan to live in hiding. During the flight lightning hits the plane and the SS parachute onto an teen huge cumshot populated by savages. Plot: monster rape, severed penis, cannibal, nazi, vagina, female full frontal nudity, exploitationfemale nudityrape, bare breasts, giant spider, cannibalism Also search: Movies similar to Avatar 7.

Scars of Youth Story: In a post-apocalyptic world years in the future, society has broken down into fragmented groups who now dwell within a tangled wood, completely unaware of any civilization that exists beyond and governed by the white-suited agents nudes some Plot: knife, surrealism, coming of age, incest, female nuditypost apocalypse, incest overtones, cult.

Virtual Girl 2: Virtual Vegas Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi. Duration: 84 min. Story: When the VirTech Corporation unveils one of the most controversial and sought after virtual reality machines ever to woman developed, it takes a Las Vegas show by storm.

The machine is able to make any fantasy come to life, and everyone wants to try it Style: erotic, serious, mind bending, sexy, suspenseful Plot: virtual reality, workplace situations, workplace, betrayal, mind game, manipulations, computers and web, cons and scams, couples, dishonesty, strong sexual outer, rivalry Place: las vegas.

The First Men in the Moon Duration: 88 min.