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That sequel may never come thanks to its relatively poor box office performance. If you enjoyed them, please consider voting for…. Voting is almost over for fanedit. This is an editing project combining material from Jurassic World and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom into a flashback structure. Running about 2.

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By intercutting the films I tried to emphasize the themes of hubris and contempt for nature that tie more directly to the original Jurassic Park. This has been a fairly quick project, so feedback is welcome DM me on Twitter or mail JobWillins at gmail.


Posts Archive. Keep reading. Log in Sign up. Corset The Paradise Victorian. Joanna Vanderham the runaway the paradise denise lovett dancing on the edge. Has anyone noticed how wonderfully feminist The Paradise is being?

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Anyone else seen this? The paradise the paradise bbc joanna vanderham emun elliott bbc drama bbc my gifs feminism my post. This episode starts the final arc. The plot could be better but I love this series too much to bother about the small details. If you are a fan of Jewelpet, you should know that before Sunshine, the main love interest for Ruby have been Tour.

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They did a great job with his character on this season, although it is a shame that they changed him -so- much to the point he is a completely new character.

I think they did a great job with it. Hemtai videos we reach the end of the series, more and paradise characters are getting their arc reaching an end. The way Sapphie talks, with all her science shenanigans and all, has always given us some headaches, but she is a great character as part of the main three and I think they wrote her really tumblr this season.

This post was released four days ago in Patreonas a reward for those that are supporting Paradise Tumblr. I had a lot of fun working on this episode, so much that I forgot to make a sneak peek before finishing paradise

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tumblr Following the big revelation of the previous paradise, this one goes deep into explanation. Some new characters and voices that we rarely hear, so it is an interesting change of pace. This episode also features one of the most hilarious moments of the whole season. Look forward to it! Jingle is a golden furred hamster with the usual cream colored front that most male Ham-Hams have, and sports a brown mohawk as the first introduction of human-hair characteristics on a hamster.

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He is seen holding his guitar every time he shows up, and usually plays it too. Although he keeps his eyes open more often than not, he also likes to close them when playing his guitar or giving advice. He is moved by the wind, which he follows without a clear objective, just enjoying the journey. In some occasions, he has invited other Ham-Hams to join him. Due to his travels, Jingle is obviously a wild hamster.