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Competitive eater Raina Huang scarfs down 1, Pocky sticks | Daily Mail Online

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She quickly begins stuffing them in her mouth, several at a time. She chews, putting more in her mouth before swallowing.

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She helps herself along the way by drinking water, but it is still clearly a challenge. Around the minute mark, she groans, and points out that the sun is coming out behind her, and the heat is melting the Pocky sticks in her bowl. As the chocolate and strawberry melted more off the biscuits, the task looks far from enjoyable, and Raina is clearly struggling.

A half hour in, the pile is a melted mess, and she grabs at it with messy fists to eat. Though the last few bites were 'painful,' she manages to polish off every last piece after 50 minutes.

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But I got through it,' she says after she finishes. Sounding a bit drunk and in pain, she looks at the camera with her mouth covered in chocolate. Although impressive, it is certainly not the first time that Raina has wowed the world with her ability to wolf down large amounts of food.

The YouTube star first rose to foodie fame in November when she completed the In-N-Out 50x50 Challenge, an incredible task that requires a person to eat a cheeseburger from the fast food chain that has 50 beef patties in it, each of which is topped with cheese. Having been tried, tested and even completed by just a few other competitive eaters, the challenge was seen as being one of the trickiest viral trials in the food industry.

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