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Also known as Taylor. Rolyat is Taylor, get it? I currently live in Canada, eh! My interests include Soldier 76, dressing up, playing piano and cuddling my kitty. But, seriously I really want to keep this short and sweet! I've been cosplaying for about, around a decade now.

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Cosplay has always been a HUGE aspect of my life and it's one of my biggest creative outlets! I adore doing this because bringing fictional characters to life is pretty damn neat! So bigger cosplay plans, more conventions, more photo shoots, more YouTube videos!

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The whole package! You guys will get first looks on what I'm working on and what I'm doing! So planned conventions, updates, costume progress, etc! You guys help and motivate me to keep doing what I love doing and make me want to work harder! So much love for anyone that even pledges a single dollar, it may not seem like much but it brings me closer to my goals!

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