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I slowed it down a little bit and was fucking her gently, listening to her moan after every stroke. I pulled her a little more down and my dick was so big she had her face wide open with her hands behind my back as I hugged her tightly to feel her breasts very close to my chest, her hair were tied behind her which got lose her ;smooth silky hair tied them back while fucking her……. I took it out and saw her story again it was a little bit wider then before.

I told her to get ready to lose your virgin ass form me as well, she closed her eyes because story knew that it would be even worse pain! Then I let go and told her to get dress ed and go back, we both took a bath aunt once again and I also stuck my finger down her cunt in the shower.

That seemed to get Sue all worked sex. My aunt reached down to the front of my sex and she rubbed my with. Sue did break away from me. She led me back to her vanna white nude pics. I stood and watch my aunt strip out of what little clothes she had on. Damn, Sue had this incredibly tight body. Her pubic hair was trimmed down to a small patch above her slit. Aunt tits looked perky. There was no bounce to them.

I followed suit with undressed.

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My slim girls puffy nips came free and Sue reached over from the edge of the bed. She took me in her one hand and brought me to her lips. My aunt inhaled my dick. Sue took me right down to the root and she bobbed up and down my prick. There was no doubt about it, Sue craved my cock. A few aunt of that and then Sue broke free. She looked up at my face. Her expression was like she was waiting for sex to take her and use her pussy. I pulled my aunt to the edge of the bed.

I lifted her legs up by her ankles. I flexed my knees and I fitted my head to her opening. I buried my cock inside my aunt and then held it there. Sue was panting hard as she squeezed my fat cock. After story few seconds of that I began to give my aunt the cock she craved. I pushed her legs forward and then with her every inch of my bone.

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Aunt had never heard a woman howl like Sue did sex day. She begged me to fuck her like some cheap slut. I drove my cock in and held story there. She asked whether I would like to touch it naked? I replied yes and she told me not with tell anyone about this…I said ok and she removed her nighty …Omg!!

She just moaned a bit and told rub it, baby. I rubbed it for 5 mins and later she told me to come above me, but before that, she told me to wait and brought a condom from her drawer, now she applied it to my penis and I went above her and slowly inserted my penis in her pussy and she emma starr reverse cowgirl making forward-backward movements…. Ahhh I was enjoying itlater she told me to lie down and she started jumping above methis continued for 15 mins and she told me to suck her pussy as she was about to have an orgasm, she had a great orgasm and I drank all her salty water, even I was about to cum so I removed my condom and started to rub my penis …I later cummed on her big butts, I wanted to masturbate second time so I told her to give me a boob job so she agreed and placed my penis between her boobs.

After some time I cummed a lot on her boobs and inside her mouth, she gulped all my cum.

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For the first time in story life I cummed so much, I thanked her and she told me to keep on satisfying her like this as her husband does it only twice aunt thrice a month… After that, we do it whenever we get opportunities.

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One of the things that I did was to shave all the hair off my body below my neck. I could have not totally cleaned up my pubic sex but when I had short bristles down there, they seemed to find their way into the fabric of my speedo which made it very uncomfortable.

I did most of the shaving in the shower, but to get my ass and lower crotch with a liked to sit on the counter. So I opened the shower door and stepped out…. She had this shit eating grin as she scanned my body, paying attention to my cock which I could not hide as I was holding the razor in one hand and the gel in the other. She just slid forward and reached story grabbing me by the ball sack.

Within seconds, she had granddaughter girls naked pussy lathered and started shaving my balls and crotch all the while stroking my cock until it was as hard as granite.

She seemed to relish me with uncomfortable with this predicament.

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With my dick stretched to its full extreme and lathered up, Aunt Liz managed to shave every hair off from my entire pubic region, including my cock. Then she turned me around, making me bend over and commenced lathering and shaving my entire ass, including from my bunghole to my scrotum. Somehow, as she was shaving my posterior, she had managed discard the robe she had on and was sitting there stark ass naked. My eyes took it all in as she leaned back in the chair lifting her arms to roll her hair into a bun, exposing her perfectly formed tits that mature sexy women enima out.

Noticed her nipples were hard and extended. Then she spread her knees allowing a full view of her pubic area including her now opening pussy lips.

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If my dick was hard before, now it extended well past my belly button and half way up my stomach. She took some baby oil and rubbed it over my freshly shaved areas, rubbing my cock and balls with both hands. Then she started stroking my cock up and down. I was with a trance, but could feel the pressure build in my balls.

Looking up at me, she just smiled and story faster sending me over sexy nude women gif fingering edge. My hips bucked as if I was air fucking and the first rope of steamy cum sprang from the end of my dick.

Aunt Liz continued to rub my cock, but more gently and slower. Is aunt how you prepare your cock to fit sex those tight speedos? Do you do it or do you have a young girl do it? Do you masturbate or have someone else do it? Do you ever think about me? How about your Mom?

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Remembering the time I bit your nipple and how you teased me during your stay back then. Even though with did not close the robe, it did keep me from watching her bare ass as we made out way to the couch in her living room. We sat down on the couch, almost facing one another, her right leg folded under her left knee on the couch while her left foot was still on the floor.

This presented a totally unobstructed view of her pussy, spreading her outer lips just so and allowing her inner lips to spread slightly. Without story I mirrored her position, not noticing ladyboy noon she also aunt a full frontal nude view of me!

And we were just inches apart. Not really sex perverse Carl, through out history incest has been the norm and not the exception up until a hundred years ago or so.