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Pacher, 64, a former insurance executive, was booked into a Miami-Dade jail on a charge of animal cruelty. Maybe it's because I haven't been as energetic lately and that's why she's not enjoying it,'' he allegedly told the staffer when she asked about the dog's health, the arrest warrant said. Later, at the clinic, a veterinarian concluded that the spayed dog's body had evidence of forced sexual activity, the warrant said.

The doctor said the evidence could not have come from another dog, the warrant said. Pacher's attorney, Jeffrey Weiner, said his client denies making the comment, and the allegation. He said the employee misunderstood a wisecrack. And the woman who had sex with a dog -- and taped it. Then there was the culinary student that had sex with his dog. And the pit bull that was sexually assaulted.

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Yes, someone had sex with a pit bull. We were stuck there for 27 minutes, timed, and he finally gets it out, and then, goes back to licking my ass, exactly where his cum was.

I crawl over to the door, but Chomp pulled me back with his arms, trying to, and in a little more fear, but turned on a little, he had also licked my behind, but Scott was not in the way.

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My dogs beds are also in the room. I turned around to get up, which turned out to be round 1 for Chomp. He licks so fast on my ass, and deeper through my genitals, which i mean both my a-hole and balls, as he holds me down with his right arm.

Man accused of having sex with a Great Dane named Christie Brinkley. - South Florida Sun-Sentinel

I was once again in fear, but lesser this time. I started to moan lightly, and after 6 minutes of licking, he gets on my back, doing what he planned to do minutes earlier, and he also mounted as fast as Scott did. I moaned louder and louder, as he enjoyed every second of it. I betrayed my self, and wanted to keep doing this, in my thought.

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I go to the door afterward, with loads of cum coming out of my ass. I like showering, so I do again, then after my shower, sex dogs show up, again, great they follow me to my room, where I just normally change, despite the previous day. Once he got his knot out, Chomp came over, and they both licked my ass, then Chomp knotted me around the same time. We lasted 32 minutes tied together. Scott attempted again, leaked nude teen mirror, i took another shower.

Yet, it is a shocking dane in my life, an unexpected one. Guess I played with them too much before it with happened, which they wanted to take it to the next level. I have a few more, true stories, with the same 2 dogs, but I want to know what you guys think. My dogs are my pets who I love, even before it happened! Will do, soon!

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