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Earlier, 90's star, Veronica Yip, was so happy to be back in Hong Kong to film a new movie after a long hiatus from the film industry. However, she revealed that she was also happy because it means that she gets to see her mother. Nonetheless, a tragedy struck in the actress' life when her beloved mother took her last breath on the afternoon of 9 December.

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Veronica revealed, "On the same day, I had just returned to the hotel after some 20 hours at work. I only had less than ten minutes of sleep when I received a call to say that my mother has been sent to the emergency room, so I didn't dare to turn off the phone. The hospital told me to mentally-prepared.

Veronica was in tears when she said, "I never regretted the decision to return to Hong Kong to make a movie. Because of it, I am able to return to be with Mama for so long.

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The actress revealed that she was able to spend all her time with her mother when there is porntube oldman break in filming and it was the longest time she has had after 16 years. The actress continued, "The only part that a little tougher was after Mama's passing I still had to work.

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I was able to sleep for five or six hours after taking medication, then I had to work again. I am very proud of myself for being able to do that. Veronica Yip was born in Hong Kong and started her career in participating in the Miss Asia Pageant and received the 2nd runner-up award. All three films were regarded as commercial successes and veronica the way for yip actresses, such as Loletta Lee and Irene Wan to act in such films. Video ability to escape the soft porn market paving the way for actresses such as Shu Qi and Pauline Chan to do the same.

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Yip had a singing career when she joined Fitto Entertainment, owned by her brother Yip Chi-Ming, before the company was transitioned into Emperor Entertainment Groupreleasing seven cantopop and mandopop albums between and InYip invested a large sum in her brother's project of building a Disneyland in Hong Kong. However, the project was scrapped along with the budget causing a fallout between the two. Yip and her brother later reconciled.