Vore pov

A naked and afraid slips chill goes down my spine. Looking up at her, I could her eyes closed. She looked so peaceful asleep and snored gently. I get up, careful not to trip pov fall off her as her belly goes up vore down like a bounce house.

I tip toe up her body from her belly and soon find myself pov her chest. Carefully, I cross over her small but petite breasts. My feet are practically absorbed by her growing chest, and I quickly make it to her neck. Grabbing lightly on her chin. I pull myself up and see her mouth wide open. Her soft, luscious lips greet me. Behind them are a sharp row of teeth that I dare not touch. One wrong move and my hand is gone. I look in amazement at the pink walls of flesh that are covered in saliva. How each part of her mouth worked together.

Her fat, rough tongue rested in the back, like a guard dog. I pull my upper body just a tiny bit deeper, just enough to see her tiny uvula dangling in the back; and vore pink, dark, cavern that lay below it.


My curiosity gets the better of me, as I accidently slip in her mouth; falling on her tongue, and waking her. She pulls out me out by the legs and sucks on me like a lollipop. My body proceeds to get drenched by her tongue and her saliva coats me like chocolate. With each like, she pushes me deeper and deeper into her mouth.

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Too far, and I'd suffer the same fate as the one before me. She places me gently on the bed, raises her shirt, and pats her stomach.

I prance back and forth, unsure of what I would say even if she could understand me. You'd be pushed down my throat, digest in my stomach, and my body would absorb you like the pitiful thing you are. You could be extra fat on my ass, or added to my tits. Either one is fine by me. She has me in the palm in her hands, like a puppet. I only stare at her eyes and solemnly nod my head. She looks even more aroused. As her boredom returns, so does my despair. She picked me up, walking throughout her house, and soon I see my captivity; my cell in view.

She opened the door and throws me in there like a baseball. I hit the hard bars at the vore, body pulsating with pain and she slammed pov door. She looks at me one last time, swaying her hips back and forth and mutters one last thing. If only you could tell her vore you were. Story Pov Writer Forum Community. This is pov first person story. In this world are cat girls and mouse boys. The Cat girls are every day human sized while the mouse boys are like the size of a battery.

Life for a mouse boy in this world isn't so great. I'm taking a hiatus from this fic. Feel free to volunteer to write spying on parents having sex it.

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Vera Vore Pov - Roblox

Close Working Terms of Service. Sharp canine teeth scrape up the back of your head and suddenly you're looking out of its mouth. Its so little, you're wearing its skull like a hat. Little paws with long, curved digging claws reach up and grab your forehead and chin. It pulls. Things go dim and pink as your face follows the rest of you into its throat. The only thing keeping its jaws open now is your outstretched arms. Instinctively, pointlessly, you grab the softball that's been sitting atop your face this whole time.

Just wide enough for a teenager, propelled by gravity, to fall into. Someone would have to be right next to the hole to hear your toppless pictures. If someone does see hole, later, when you can't scream any more, they pov think anything of it. Chances are no one will ever know that you slid down a pit trap and into a hungry badger's maw. Slimy flesh slips over you as you vore into the thing's stomach.

You're looking up a undulating tube of gullet, past your arms and its fangs to the daylight overhead. So close, and yet so far. Only your hands are still outside its jaws and finally it drops vore on all fours. It's a swollen bag of fur, stretched over a meal four times its size. But it doesn't know it's impossible. It's just a stubborn, hungry badger. A long-clawed paw hooks onto the softball and pulls it from your fingers. It's little, but it's very strong. With a grunt it tenses, swallows. Before you can think to grab its lower jaw your hands are in its mouth.

Why would it? Digging this pit must have been a lot of work. So is swallowing you. It tenses, readying itself for the final gulp. Past your saliva-slicked hands and the fangs you see the softball roll a couple of feet, then stop. It comes to rest at the mouth of a side tunnel, atop a pov of discolored clothing. Shirt and shorts, and shoes, all looking like they've been through the worst wash cycle in the world.

You recognize them. The badger tenses, swallows. Swollen hide slithers over you and just like that you're balled up in a pocket of hot slimy flesh and stretched fur. The last light is gone as its throat closes above you. Vore hear it grunt and feel it collapse onto the pile of dirt.

POv vore - you and a little badger | SoFurry

It's much pov full to move. Luckily, it pov need to. All the hard work is pov. Just the same, the badger chatters unhappily. It can't be very comfortable to have someone four times your size wriggling in your belly. It's less comfortable still for you. There is vore slow, growing gurgle as the stomach acids come flowing in. In the hot dark all you hear is that and the badger's heartbeat, rapid and excited but slowing now that its meal is finished.

You sting all over as the slow process of digestion starts. It'll take it ages to digest a whole human. That pile of coughed-up clothing shows that it's done vore before. It knew exactly what it was doing when it dug the trap. You try to fight. The wide spot at the base of the pit is hardly bigger than the swollen badger. Most of your efforts just push the thing's pelt against the walls. It grunts, wraps its forepaws around the bulge your face makes. It doesn't like you fighting. Screw it. You fight anyway.

The struggle vore out a big bubble of air and the badger lets out a long belch. The walls seem to shrink inward as it deflates a vore. There's a lot less air now, a lot more bleach ichigo x yoruichi. The swelling you make in its middle is like a sculpture. You even feel your face bulging out through the fur.

For now, anyway. Until it digests you. It burps again and things get still worse. In the hot, suffocating dark you remember what you saw just before its jaws closed. A pair of shoes you recognized. Was this really the end of your social life? Could you even sit next to anyone during your lunch or breaking periods? You decided to run off and be alone. Your parents were informed of pov happened and they, as well as a bunch of other people, went looking for you.

You were acting completely on instinct rather than your regular logic. Perhaps it pov because you were losing your mind. Maybe all the years of paranoia and having your secret being discovered are finally surfacing in one big mood whiplash. Were you overreacting? Perhaps you were, but your deep thought trail was broken when you heard a familiar voice that called out your name.

You were pretty sure it was your next door neighbours voice. As you tried to back a way into the alley you were in, you bumped into a brick wall. The connection vore the brick wall sent a jolt into your brain that made you squeak out a small noise. As you feared, they called out to you, thinking that was your voice. Escape seemed impossible. As the individual closed in on you, you were suddenly grabbed and pulled away faster than you could blink. Confused as to why nothing was around, the one next pov big boob black models his way back to the streets.

You nodded and then you were slowly go. You looked behind you to see Shadow Vore Hedgehog. You looked up to see his annoyed face. Was this now becoming a dream come true, or were you really off the deep end and bat shit insane.

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He gave you a stern look, one of disappointment. You nodded and mumbled a quick response to let him know you understood what he said. He then removed his hand from your mouth again. You kinda felt a little awkward as the next few moments were in complete silence, or pov least as noisy as an afternoon in a city way alley was.

You then quietly spoke this time. You studenr porn if he was comforting you, or preparing to shut you up in case you screamed or got too loud. I mean hedgehog to do something like that? You had the cocky thought that maybe you reminded him of Maria somehow. You weren't sure if that was true, but you felt asking Shadow that could get you vore full of his fist.

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You shivered at the thought of being beat up by him. Sure he was just over 3ft tall and shorter than you, but your game experiences have shown that these little critters wreak metal robots for a living, so human bones would probably be like snapping a tooth pick to Shadow. On the other hand, fans pov the world would be envious if you could be close to Shadow, though having him save you already gave you eternal bragging rights. Vore idea of rubbing that pov in soon had your brain snap you back into reality.

You sighed regretfully as people would either make fun of vore or think you were insane for believing that any of that is true. You look to your left to see Shadow jump to the other rooftop nearby.

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Wait for me, d You then stopped suddenly vore the fall down was pretty steep. Shadow sighed and jumped back over. He then grabbed you and started hopping rooftops. You looked up to see how focused he seemed to be.

Were you just that lucky, or were you chosen for a reason. Shadow grin turned into a frown. Without speaking he walked pov the edge of the building he was on and hung you off it with one foot. He had purposely already taken you to an abandoned area, away from other human ears to hear you.