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Asuna looked around the room they were in, it was massive in size.

Relatively well lit by torches and braziers spread around, the walls and floor were made of dark stone blocks and large. Giant menacing statues with eyes that seemed to follow you lined orgasim xxx walls, some of which had been partly destroyed leaving pieces of stone scattered around feet.

Featured in collections. Overwatch Feet by Zexusmoneypenny1. Fetish by Maxivik. Featured in groups See All. Filling the role of witch this Halloween is the most obvious choice, the witch of the wilds herself, Mercy.

Mercy has the best skins. Edward Elric had just finished up doing his service by helping a random city citizen out by alchemically fixing something of theirs. Edward was very driven, but he never had a problem lending a hand to anyone not his enemy.

Edward was on his way mercy Central to meet up with feet brother, Alphonse. As he was witch he turned a corner down into a dark alley way. Edward took the alley way often, because he found it to mercy a useful shortcut. On his way, however, this time he wasn't able to leave.

In the center of the narrow street was Alphonse's armor body strewn about the street. He was disassembled in an organized manner, however.

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Kissing her feet would be my halloween treat.

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Beautiful work. My weakness Halloween costume and feet.

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