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All members of the collective wear gorilla masks, and use names of deceased female artists such as Frida Kahlo and Zubeida Agha to remain anonymous and keep focus on the issues for which they struggle. The original version of this poster was created by the Guerrilla Girls inwhen they were asked to design a billboard for the Public Art Fund in New York City. The poster depicts an image of the canonical work Grande Odalisquea painting by the French Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres dating from A painting of a nude woman, reclining on a divan, a gorilla mask covering her head.

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Intrigued, I read the corresponding text: "Do women have to be naked to get into the Metropolitan Museum of Art? Less than five percent of the artists in the Modern Arts section are women, but 85 percent of the nudes are female.

Guerrilla Girls. The other images in Anne Demo's display are equally interesting—humorous, satirical, slightly disturbing, ironic.


We get thousands of letters from people telling us our work has inspired them to become activists, too. Please, Josephine, tell us how we can be more direct than this. You guys are sort of ageless in your masks, but what injustice feels more urgent to you than it did when you first started Guerrilla Girls in ?

Exhibition MOED x Guerrilla Girls: Fighting exclusion in the art world.

Even the most repressive countries have feminist movements—brave women often working in secret. And guys, that means you, too. Seriously though. Is your final question a proposition?

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K8 HARDY: From your long collaboration, what have you learned is the best way to handle or avoid interpersonal conflict? Is there any specific structure or tactics that you have developed to continue working together?

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Many terrific women have been in and out of our group, some for a week, some for over a decade. Sure, we could have done some things differently. For higher resolution or commercial use contact ArtResource. If you would like to cite this object in a Wikipedia article please use the following template:. Current Exhibitions.

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Upcoming Exhibitions. New Experience. Traveling Exhibitions. Previous Exhibitions. Guerrilla Girls greatest hits : do women have to be naked to get in to the Met. Guerrilla Girls Grup d'artistes —.

Fecha: Tipo obra: Monograph Material: 23 postals : il.

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Facebook Twitter. Email Lack of information to fill out. When this design was barred from public hoardings, the Guerrilla Girls arranged for it to be displayed on New York city buses. A colour poster, with a yellow background, depicting a black and white photographic image of a reclining female nude with a gorilla's head in side profile.

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McQuiston, Liz. Graphic Agitation. Artist Guerrilla Girls. Part of Guerrilla Girls Talk Back.

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Medium Screenprint on paper. Collection Tate. Acquisition Purchased Reference P