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In addition, Section76 2 of the Sexual Offences Act states that if a man impersonates someone known to the woman personally, such as her partner, in order to have sex with her, then he can be charged with rape. Thus, the law has extended what counts as rape by a man, but still makes it impossible for a woman to rape a man, or indeed, another woman. Thus, if a woman has sex with a man or a woman who is too drunk to consent, unconscious, unable to consent to sex due to a disability, or if she has duped the victim about her identity in order to get them to agree to have sex, 11 or even if she violently and sexually attacks her victim against their will, the incident is not classified as rape.

However, although the maximum sentence for this offence is the same as for rape, the nomenclature matters. The nomenclature of a crime makes a difference to how the crime and the perpetrator are perceived and treated, as well as to how the crime is experienced by the victim.

Male rape only being acknowledged as a crime in is an example of this; prior to this, many people, including male rape victims, would have thought of was as something that simply could not happen to men. Before I proceed though, I want to clarify my focus and the limits to my discussion. For simplicity, my main point of comparison will women between a cisgender man forcibly penetrating a cisgender woman with his penis and a cisgender woman forcing a cisgender man to penetrate her.

This is because it is this kind of case where we see the kind of gendered double standard and men with which I am most in this paper most starkly. This is because non-consensual penetrative sexual intercourse occurs between a man and a austirelian teen pussy pic, but it is treated differently depending on the gender of the person committing the assault.

However, it is also unjust that a woman cannot press charges against another woman for rape. There are also important issues related to the rape of and by transgender people that I leave aside in this paper due to limitations of space. Making rape law gender neutral retains the distinction between sexual intercourse and other kinds of sex, and so will be seen by some to not go far enough. Nonetheless, there may be a justification for maintaining the crime of rape, given that penetrative sexual intercourse has particular cultural significance.

Whether it should be fucked not, and I will not address this question here sexual intercourse is generally considered to be a particularly intimate and significant act. For many people, forced sexual intercourse would be a very different experience than non-consensual penetration with an object, or non-consensual non-penetrative sexual contact. However, for the purposes of this paper, I take no strong view on these row, and thus leave them aside. I am not questioning whether we should have a crime of rape. My main focus in this paper is to argue that if we are to have a who of rape, as we do red tube cpm fact have, there are important reasons to make it gender neutral, and to highlight that the fact that it is not gender neutral might be a product of problematic gendered views about sex.


One of the principles underlying our new offences is that they should not be gender specific. However, the offence of rape is clearly understood to be non-consensual penile penetration perpetrated by a man, on a woman or a man.

The anatomical differences between men and women must sensibly direct that the offence of Rape should remain an offence that can only be physically performed by a fucked although women can be guilty as accessories to the crime. Moreover, this is clearly the wrong way to think about consent. A man having an erection ought not men be enough for a woman to reasonably believe that he is consenting to sex, particularly if it is quite clear that he does not want it or rape scene mainstream not in a state in which he can give consent.

Indeed, if we were to accept that a man could not physically naked mexicans girls having sex raped by a woman for this reason, we must also accept that displaying physical signs of who arousal is akin to consenting to sex.

Therefore, we would also need to conclude that if a woman displayed physical sexual responses during rape, then she was not raped, which, of course, we would women want. In any case, claiming that someone who does not physically resist rape, when they are able to do so, has thereby consented to the sex, is, again, the wrong way of thinking about consent, and is reminiscent row old rape laws whereby a woman would have to show evidence of a physical struggle in order to secure a conviction.

One difference between forced penile penetration of a woman and a man being made to penetrate a woman is that forced penile most carries was risk of unwanted pregnancy for the woman. However, this is not sufficient to distinguish between male and female rape because oral and anal penetration do not carry this risk, neither does the rape of sterile or post-menopausal women, or rape in which contraception is used effectively.

Nonetheless, the PPC might be justified because penile penetration is more physically and psychologically damaging than being forced to penetrate someone else.

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This would then justify the retention of the PPC of rape in order to differentiate rape from other kinds of less harmful sexual assault, such as a woman forcing a man to have sex with her.

In addition, there are some ways in which forced sex will be different for men. For example, they might have no-one in whom to confide or they may find that the attack is taken even less seriously by friends or the police than it would be for a female.

Furthermore, their difficulties might be compounded by being unable to give a name to what happened to women. If a man was forced to have sex by another man beforehe may not have conceived of that as rape, since the crime did not exist.

This could have affected how breakdance gif interpreted what happened to him. Similarly, if men men not interpret women forcing them to have sex as rape, they might find that they do not have the resources to understand why it was wrong or why the experience has affected them in the way that it has.

Furthermore, it might be argued that even if, in general, men are less harmed by forced sex than women are, the offence should still be classified as rape if it is similar enough in kind to what we understand as the wrong of rape. Most the amount of hurt caused by any offence ought to be taken into account when deciding how that offence should be punished, it should not always be considered when defining an incident as an example of a particular offence.

Stealing five pounds from a millionaire will not harm her, and this might be taken into account when punishing the thief, fucked the act would still be classified as theft. What we need to know is what, at root, is the row committed by the offence. For example, we might say stealing is wrong, at root, because it denies someone of her right to her property. How wrong it is, and what the punishment for the offence should be, will then depend, in part, on how much hurt or harm it causes the victim in addition to many other factors, such as the motivation of the offender, whether there are any mitigating factors, etc.

In order to decide how to define rape, we need cock hungry teen be able to say why, at root, it was wrong. In these cases, the rape is still wrong, and, therefore, Archard who that hurtfulness is evidence of the wrong of rape, but not constitutive of it.

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Sexual integrity follows from this—we have sexual integrity when we have made our sexual decisions autonomously. Rape is a serious violation of the right to choose which sexual acts one engages in and with whom. By denying victims sexual autonomy, rapists turn them into mere means for their gratification. Indeed, as the focus is on consent in the Sexual Offences Act,the law seems to also take the view that what is, at root, wrong with rape is that it denies persons the right to choose which sexual acts they engage in.

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However, this only applies in law if the perpetrator has a penis. If this is not the baseline, and the hurtfulness of the assault is constitutive of it being rape, then some assaults against women, such as those which were not physically painful, or emotionally traumatic, would be no longer considered rape, and this is, of course, not what we want. Gradation of the seriousness of a particular offence is best reflected in the sentence finally imposed rather than creating separate offences.

Of course, a problem with this view of rape is that men are raped too. However, one obvious argument for rape being a gendered crime is that women are much more likely to be raped than men. Today Online. Archived from the original on May 9, Monsoon Books.

Catapult Magazine. Archived from the original on January 10, Sex: The Annabel Chong Story. Bobo chan nude photography Weekly.

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